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Community Relations Services

Get your community on board with your project.

Partnering with Your Community

Many of the operations we serve have an impact on the community in which they operate. TPS has the experience and skills to reduce that impact and work with the community in a collaborative manner.


  • One of the keys to good community relations is setting clear expectations for neighbors and community leaders
  • TPS takes the leadership role when working with your personnel and the community

Community Council

  • One approach that TPS has used with great success is to create a community council made up of neighbors, local businesses and community leaders
  • The council generally meets quarterly to discuss all concerns, and action plans are developed to address those concerns and reduce any negative impact on the community

Open House

  • Holding an annual open house is an approach that has been successful for us and our clients; this allows the community to learn more about your operations and calms any fears of the unknown
  • TPS has the experience to set up an effective open house for your operation


  • Conducting regular tours of your facility for local scout troops, schools, clubs, neighbors and community leaders is a great way to foster relationships
  • Brochures and handouts can be created to share appropriate information


  • TPS provides training to personnel at all levels of your organization as needed to maintain an effective community relations program