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Bulk Material Handling Solutions

TPS can provide comprehensive bulk material handling systems for your specific application.

Simply put, bulk material handling involves transporting large quantities of dry materials from location to location — efficiently and safely — with the final destination often the last step in an industrial processing application. The TPS Bulk Material Handling Group utilizes its knowledge and years of experience to offer solutions for handling dry materials such as ores, coal, wood chips, sand, gravel and stone in loose bulk form.

Dry bulk material handling equipment is an essential component in numerous industries. Companies in the mining, chemical processing, foundry, and food and beverage sectors count on it to deliver the ingredients and components needed for their processes. Because these systems are so important, companies need to partner with a bulk material handling company that has substantial expertise in deploying them. Without the right combination of know-how and skill, a system could be woefully inadequate for an operation’s needs. This can result in inefficiencies, reduced production and lower profitability. Fortunately, TPS can provide a full-service solution featuring the most reliable and advanced machinery found anywhere. What’s more, our in-house capabilities extend far beyond planning and building these systems. We also offer complete support for expanding, moving and upgrading them.

Our Comprehensive Capabilities

We have the ability to provide whatever equipment is needed for these crucial applications, including complete bulk material handling systems. Our bulk material handling equipment includes stationary machinery, mobile equipment and storage facilities. Stationary machinery includes conveyor belts, screw conveyors, stackers, reclaimers, bucket elevators, truck and railcar dumpers, ship loaders, hoppers and diverters. Loaders and various shuttles are typical mobile equipment. Common storage facilities for these types of materials include stockyards, storage silos or stockpiles. We also offer advanced conveyance solutions that feature integrated bulk storage, conveying and discharge chutes to minimize segregation and negative air impacts. Virtually any combination of this equipment can be used by our team to produce the system that best loads, unloads, moves and stores your bulk materials.

A Complete Solution

Our in-house team of experts has worked on projects that include rail, barge and truck loading and unloading; conveying; stacking; blending; weighing and more. We’ve built numerous conveying systems for clients across numerous market segments. We have the expertise to develop and build complete bulk material handling solutions utilizing the latest technology, and are confident enough in our skills to offer a performance guarantee. We provide cost analysis, equipment selection, project and construction management services and operation training, as well as a performance guarantee that ensures your system will work as specified.”

Our goals for the Bulk Material Handling Group are:

  1. Provide creative and practical solutions to minimize clients operating costs.
  2. Deliver high value solutions in a timely manner.