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Learn more about Turn-Key Processing Solutions, the company we keep and what’s happening at TPS.

About Us

Turn-Key Processing Solutions is in a growth segment of the mineral processing and bulk material handling industries. We are a service business that provides system integration, consulting, engineering and design, construction planning and project management for clients in the aggregate, cement, frac sand, industrial minerals, heavy metal mining and transportation industries. During the last 10 years, the company has developed a reputation for integrity, quality and excellence in management. We focus on providing the optimal solutions to our clients.

TPS owns American Bin and Conveyor, a manufacturing facility with more than 40 years of experience in designing and building plants and individual pieces of equipment for a wide range of industries.

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The TPS Competitive Advantage

You and your operation are ultimately judged by the economic viability of your next capital project. We have a proven track record of operating plants and know how to make the products the market is requiring on a consistent basis, cost effectively and safely. We know what it’s like to spend valuable capital on a new plant then spend time and money to make modifications once it’s built. Having a project manager on your project that not only knows how to build plants but also knows how to operate the plant makes a big difference to your startup time and your overall operational costs. Early in our process, we discuss cost justification by comparing capital costs to long-term operational costs so you can make business decisions as soon as possible.

We saw a need in the marketplace for our expertise and have grown consistently with the unique solutions we provide. We have learned that to solve problems, we need to listen closely to your objectives and then bring in the right team to collaborate and determine the best solutions. We know that if we understand the challenges and we have the right team to attack those challenges, we can offer our clients something no one else does — guarantees. We are able to back up our claims with guarantees because TPS has a strong team of professionals and the proven processes to deliver on our promises.

We understand the need to reduce risk and the value in being predictable so we set out to be the best company to partner with on your next on your next capital project. We apply the same philosophy regardless of the scope or size of your project. We are interested in building clients more than building projects. We are happy to help engineer your project or take on the entire process — TPS wants to be the resource that fits your needs.

Turn-Key Processing Solutions professionals inspecting development site

TPS Affiliations

We are proud of our strategic partnerships and the affiliations we’ve built and continue to cultivate. Please feel free to contact us or any of the organizations below for further information about us or our products and services.

Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers Industrials Minerals Association – North America The National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association American Bin and Conveyor