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Gold Mine Construction and Operation

We’re no stranger to gold mines. When a customer came to TPS with a proposal for a gold mine, we helped them determine how to produce the safest and most cost-effective solution possible. We helped the client determine the most efficient practice for processing the mined material and provided a predictable product to the down-stream processing of the material. Take a look at the project here: http://www.gototps.com/projects/our-work/gold-mine/

Gold Mine Construction

Once all the necessary permits and approvals are obtained for exploratory and operational procedures, we get to work. Generally speaking, construction of a mine takes months to years to complete. A couple of factors can influence the amount of time spent developing the mine:

• Location: where is the mine located? Do materials need to be delivered to isolated areas of North America? Are there housing options available near the mine, or does housing and other amenities need to be built on-site?

• Size: How large is your project? This is one of the largest factors when considering deadlines. Preliminary construction may consist of a few variables, such as the removal of old buildings, and the development of infrastructure, including bridges, railways, and roads.

• Regulations: Different areas of the country have different regulations and review processes for mining and mineral extraction. Certain regulations may dictate the amount of time spent in the exploratory and preliminary phases of construction. The strategic planning and development of a gold mine can be a huge undertaking, especially if the proposed location is in an isolated area of the country. Often times, gold mines may spur the production of small cities to accommodate the workers and their families. While gold mines often start out as a simple camp, these structures can turn into full-scale developments that include schools, medical facilities, and housing for employees.

Constructing a Gold Mine: Variables to Consider

The type of mine dictates the tactics that a company can use to extract the minerals. Different processes are required when comparing an open pit (surface) mine to an underground mine. Some mines are constructed so that both the pit method and underground method may be used. To access the ore body, our experts will determine which method will be most beneficial by analyzing the rock bed. Certain geotechnical engineering techniques are used to maintain the integrity of the mine and the safety of the workers. There are many nuances to constructing underground tunnels and open pits; this is why it pays to have the experts on your team.

Mining Consultants and Mining Operations Services

At TPS, we have decades of experience in the extraction of valuable materials and minerals from the earth from an orebody. Mining serves an important purpose: there are some materials that simply cannot be created artificially through laboratory processes or grown through agricultural means. For many years, we’ve helped clients determine the profit potential of a proposed mine, as well as extract the desired material. TPS takes pride in our final reclamation process after the mine has been closed. You can trust TPS to deliver; we are the best partner to work with during the opening of a mine, or while modifying an existing one.