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Providing the Highest Value: Safely, On Time and On Budget — Guaranteed!

Expert Construction Management Services

Construction, Procurement, Consulting and Operations

At every level of service — from consulting to providing complete turnkey solutions
— we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

  1. Reliable
  2. Predictable
  3. Accountable

A Complete Range of Services

Proven Track Record

As an experienced construction management company, TPS has the knowledge, capabilities and experience to provide results-driven solutions to even the most difficult and complex challenges. Explore our work portfolio to see how we’ve provided value and increased profits for businesses like yours. Our capabilities make us the best turnkey company for whatever your project requires.

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Operational Expertise Makes the Difference

What makes TPS and our turnkey industrial solutions different? Although another turnkey company might have a construction or manufacturing background, we offer a full range of capabilities. Plus, we have the operational expertise that allows us to understand your desired end result and guarantee optimal performance. Having a project manager who knows not only how to build plants, but also how to operate the plant has a big impact on your startup time and overall operating costs.

How We Do What We Do: Promises, People and Process

  1. 1.We make bold promises — backed by performance guarantees.
  2. 2.Our operationally experienced turnkey development team keeps its promises — no matter what.
  3. 3.We select the right project manager who follows the right process to get your plant operational and profitable — faster than anyone else!

Equipment Selection

High-quality, custom-fabricated products are delivered on time, ensuring that project deadlines are met.

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Tony Giordano, President

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"Nice thing about dealing with TPS is they take it from the consultant phase, all the way through the operational phase. If you need help with a start-up they bring the equipment for the project. They put it in place, on budget and on time. They always deliver. "